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more Frozen Bubbles___

It became a tradition since last year, so as there was almos […]

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Real Flow choco sims breakdowns for TVC

Few shots breakdown of RF chocko sims. Music: Kai Engel

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Coffee & Creamer for further portfolio Slow motio […]

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The ultimate slow motion movie supercut. 113 films in 6 minu […]

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Water and Nails

An exploration in simulating macro fluid. I used Realflow 20 […]

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High Speed Reel

A collection of our Tabletop shootings at Imaj Studios. Ever […]

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A non-profit project. Celebrates the hidden moments when bea […]

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CLICK HD, 4K if you can. Headphones HIGHLY recommended. INFI […]

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paint in water blue vs red

Back again with some more paint in the water slow motion vid […]

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paint in water

some videos I did using the Panasonic hc-v750 camcorder, slo […]

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