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I have tested the fumeFX black body parameters. please use i […]

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Show Reel 2014

I don’t know what else to say here other than “h […]

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Stoke MX R&D

What a KILLER piece of software. Spending time right now lea […]

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Point Pick Baker – 3ds Maxscript

Download now: […]

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Gods of Egypt shots

I finally got around to throwing all of these together. It&# […]

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Random Test

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Tutorial- Meshing FumeFX and transferring colors using two different methods

There are perhaps more uses behind this tutorial than what y […]

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rip a 3d car model with flex modifier in 3ds max

ripping (like cloth) a 3d car model with flex modifier in 3d […]

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Realistic Clouds with AfterBurn

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Paulo Duarte Demo Reel 2_0

A compilation of my last commercial and personal work. More […]

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