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Behind the Scenes- Honda ‘Light Trace’

Mill+ collaborated with Dentsu Japan to create the innovativ […]

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rip a 3d car model with flex modifier in 3ds max

ripping (like cloth) a 3d car model with flex modifier in 3d […]

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Automotive animation using cinema 4d, octane and x-particles

For this personal project I started with a model of a Porsch […]

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Porsche Cayman GT4 – 3D Animation

3D CGI Animation of a Porsche Cayman GT4 in a very rainy env […]

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Here’s my third year movie at Mopa, Enjoy ! The theme […]

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TP Vehicle simulation

Some fun with TP 5.3. Finally Pattach working well. Everythi […]

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Audi – The doll that chose to drive

Director: Jordi García Art Director: Bor Arroyo Animation Di […]

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Car Destruction in Unreal Engine 4

A fully procedural destructible car in unreal engine 4. You […]

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Dynamic Hair Wagon Demo – Maya

Playblast of the Dynamic Hair Wagon in action. The movement […]

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CGI 3D Animated WRC Car Drift

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