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SHAPES 3_1 – Features and improvements


Quick overview of the new features and improvements of 3.1.

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Also take a look at the separate videos:
Shot Fix
Using the weight translation

List of changes for SHAPES 3.1:

– new shot fix feature for corrective

– new weight driver options for translation and custom ramp interpolation
– symmetry improvements for the SHAPES brush
– the SHAPES brush tool settings are available through the Maya tool settings window
– unassigned/partial region map weights can now be displayed as a color ramp
– unassigned/partial weights can be assigned to any region on object or vertex level
– auto distribution for unassigned/partial weights
– region extraction now supports in-between shapes
– option to toggle between black/white and color feedback when painting regions

– error when trying to send the mesh to zBrush
– error when a target channel name contains a dash
– error/crash when a target channel with a live mesh connection is selected and edit mode is entered
– live mesh connections can get disconnected under certain conditions
– error when mirroring a in order based mode
– weight driver attributes are not in a layout for Maya 2015 and below
– error using a node as a shape driver when message attributes are present
– error when exporting the setup and node names already exist in the scene
– flushing a region map with white doesn’t store the new values
– reducing region map weights leads to unassigned weights
– when transferring the setup to a hires mesh deformation artifacts can appear because of the used wrap deformer

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