TUTORIALS - 2D, 3D — 2017/01/09 at 上午10:00

Tutorial- Meshing FumeFX and transferring colors using two different methods


There are perhaps more uses behind this tutorial than what you might expect. I used this method recently to light smoke using an HDRI so it cast believable shadows onto its environment, making the smoke effect really sit in well on the plate. It can also be used to create “” type explosions. This tutorial was requested by Maik Donath.

I spent quite a bit of time making this tutorial as time effective as possible. Through lots of preparation, retakes, and editing I was able to keep the tutorial short while not losing anything in the process.

If this tutorial helped you, please put something in the tip jar as that will encourage me to produce more tutorials plus I could really use any help right now! Feel free to request topics as well.

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