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emNewton2 v_2_0 (beta) – ‘Celestial Chaos’


Hey guys,

here’s the two minute long release video for the plugin called “2”.
This new (and rather nerdy) plugin is an implementation of Sir ’s “ of Gravity”. The main difficulty of the implementation was to achieve reasonable times even though each attracts each other (that’s the evil O(n^2) thing).
As usual the main reason for the animation was to test the stability of the plugin.

At the end of the animation is some information about the amount of particles and the simulation times.

The entire simulation and rendering was done on a single workstation (1 x Intel i7, 12 Gig RAM).

Software used:
|XSI 2012 / 2012.5

– SItoA + Arnold
– emRPC4
– Reason 4.0 (music)

Take care,

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