REELS - SHOW, DEMO — 2016/08/23 at 下午9:00

Art direction – Look dev reel by Blackpixels


/ Look Dev reel by Evaldas Cesnavicius aka .net
Evaldas studied at “Gnomon School of Visual Effects” in Los Angeles. After attending the school he continued working at digital filmmaking and company – and freelance with other studios in Europe. Evaldas started his career as generalist and now specializes in and art direction.

0 – 7s “Wooden Mountains”: responsible for all aspects
7 – 15s “MTV Speaker”: responsible for lood dev: modeling, texturing, displacement, camera. project.
16 – 22s “Scale your Celebration”: responsible for: shot compositions, procedural modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering. project.
22 – 30s “Hyundai Brand Vision” responsible for: art direction, look dev, space modeling, texturing, lighting, animation. (not water simulation). project.
30 – 40s “Renuage”: responsible for: art direction, look dev, lighting, shading, camera compositions. project.
40 – 47s “Coca Cola” responsible for botle animation (ncloth experiments). project.
47 – 52s “Huynday Brand Vision” responsible for: art direction, design, modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics, camera, edit. project.
52 – 1.01m “CCTV Ident” Responsible for: look development, lighting, shading, texturing. project.
1.01 – 1.15m “Requiem” responsible for: VFX sup, art direction, look dev, lighting texturing. project.

Moderat – III (Instrumentals) – The Fool
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