Houdini, TUTORIALS - 2D, 3D — 2015/08/06 at 下午4:30

Houdini Tutorial- Polygon Jitter


Beginner level.

Since Autodesk decided to discontinue Softimage without offering a suitable replacement (no, MCG does not change this because a new jacuzzi doesn’t turn a patched-up shack into a villa), I am in the process of transitioning to .

In this video I recreate an I had previously explained how to do in ICE:

I show two ways of achieving the effect, one with a ForEach node and the other with a VOP node. The video may be particularly interesting to Softimage users because it shows how to get the exact same result as in my previous video, but using Houdini. I think there is no doubt that the Houdini way is more elegant, requiring less fiddling with contexts and low level nodes.

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