REELS - SHOW, DEMO — 2015/03/05 at 下午10:00

CG Generalist,Lighting-Environment-Look Dev Reel Ashish 2013


Here is my new demo reel, all the work included in this reel is from my most recent personal projects.

I focused mainly on environments lighting and Integrating CG elements into a live footage. The main idea is to bring different mood/ look and feel to an environment just by playing around with light intensities, colors and angles.

NOTE: The footage used for CG-Live Integration are from The Hobbit and Da Vinci’s Demons. I have not worked for The Hobbit and Da Vinci’s Demons and I don’t hold any copyrights for both of these.I am responsible only for the CG part.

I am responsible for almost everything from concept design,modeling, texturing, shading, lighting,rendering, camera animation & tracking, smoke and cloth simulation, rendering, compositing and editing.

Feel free to contact me:
+(91) 9929597480,9950500571

Suggestions and comments are always welcomed !

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